At Sterna we are focused on finding the best solution to the challenges posed by today’s innovative business. We offer complete and broad services to solve the most complex projects, always working in tight collaboration with our clients, even becoming an in-house department. Here are some of our specialty solutions.

Electronic Device & IOT Discovery

Discovery: Evaluate/coordinate feasibility and costs of one concept device.

Sensor features required and technical state of art, customer uses cases, knowledge and resources, market and customer, partners and finance.

  • Technology audits
  • Comparative analysis / State of the art
  • New IoT features
  • Product/process improvement
  • Technology evaluation & counselling
  • Technology pre feasibility
  • IoT discovery
  • Ideation Workshop

Electronic devices and industrial smart testing devices.
Medical devices
Use and industrial learning devices
Smart Fabrics


Industrialization: Leading product manufacturing development as well as be your company taking care of specs and process capability, production volume ramp up and investment ROI.

      • PFMEA
      • Flow chart
      • Tool and process design
      • Cycle time/ SMED improvement
      • Industrialization and manufacturing implementation
      • Product Validation
      • Production Ramp up
      • Invest ramp up
      • Certification
      • Suppliers definition
      • Supply Chain development
      • Tech Operator helps
      • Non quality cost reductions

      Mainly on  Automotive and Health electronic devices.

Program Management

Program Management: coordinate team and suppliers to focus to the goals and milestones defined by the customer.

  • New Product or new generation
  • Partners agreements and coordination.
  • Program Management
  • Business Plan
  • Exploitation Plan
  • Innovation Portfolio
  • Founds and grands

Mainly in automotive, food R+D centers, electronic devices and start ups.

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